Retaking steps

Retaking steps

Students are able to retake steps to revisit previous lessons and improve their score. This feature is available through the student account. Once the student has signed into their account, they need to click on “Score” up at the top of the screen.


Under the Score tab, select a course.


Here you’ll find a list of completed steps within that class. To the right of each set of problems, there will be a button that says “Retake for Credit”.

  • The retake option will not be listed for steps that do not list a score or count towards the grade (reviews, drills, etc).
  • Students may choose to retake a step 2 times (not counting recovery). After this point, the retake option will no longer appear for that step.

Once the student has completed the step again, the new score will replace the original and count towards the overall grade.


Students should be careful when retaking a step, as they will only have two chances to improve their score before the “Retake for Credit” button disappears.

If a student fails a step (scores lower than 70%) Acellus will automatically have them retake it. (Students who fail an exam more than 5 times will be moved forward, the system counting the most recent grade.)

If needed, students may cancel the retake step once selected. (This option will also be available if a student chose to ‘Try Again for Extra Credit” after completing an exam.)


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