Changing phone number

Changing phone number

To protect student records, Acellus requires parents to sign into the Parent Interface using the GoldKey Security System.  When your phone number changes, you will want to change the phone number listed in your GoldKey ID, because GoldKey may use your phone number to verify your account.

To change your phone number with GoldKey, follow these steps:

1. Open a browser to

2. Select Can't Access Your Account (located on the right).

3. Enter the email address you used to create your Acellus Account and click on the "Start Recovery" button.

4. Check your Email. Click on the Account Access Recovery button in the email. You will be taken to your GoldKeyID Profile.  

5. Select Edit Profile, then select the edit list link to the right of your phone number.

6.  Enter your new phone number and select Add.

7.  Verify your new number:  
     -Select the new number by clicking on the round button to the left of the number.  
     -Then select the Verify button.  
     -Next, choose whether to receive your verification code by voice call or by text message (SMS).  
     -When you are ready, select Send Verification code.  
     -When you have received the code, enter it in the field provided. 
     -Select Validate.

8.  If you wish, you may now remove an invalid number by selecting the round button to the left of the number and then selecting Remove.

When you are finished you may select Control Panel or Sign Out.
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